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the REAL ted limpert


hi! i'm ted, a bicoastal omni-hyphenate.
i specialize in comedy, improvisation and interactive narratives.

fun facts:
• i'm a MUSICIAN — i produced THIS RECORD.
• i'm from syracuse, ny, and have 3 siblings.
 • my fiance and i foster rescue dogs.
 • i love BEER, COFFEE and hot dogs.

the many faced ted:


if it's a professional-fool you seek, then scroll your heart out.
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t-list celebrity

i was recently on THE DETOUR on TBS:


i also bless brands with my contractually-mortal visage:

when i'm not fooling on big networks, i make my own sh*t:


i brew the hottest/weirdest comedy on the web w/ BORT:


well, you can't unsee that. might as well watch these too:

what's that? had enough?! sorry. there's more!

i'd love to be in your thing, CONTACT ME (or my agents)!

the man, the myth, the voice

my voice is the most famous part of my body!

i don't want to brag, but there're a few brands (other than my DAD) that like my voice:

must you hear more? please, be my guest:

in addition to voicing these spots, i also produced them!

i have an isolated recording booth with:

•  macbook pro 2015 laptop
•  akg c214 microphone
•  apogee duet audio interface
•  logic pro x software

 want to hear more?! CONTACT ME (or my reps)!


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commercial rep:
phil cassese // jerry kallarakkal

vo rep:
jason sasportas // marla weber-green

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