hi! i'm ted (that's me in the picture*). i'm an actor, voice artist, musician, writer, comedian, director, producer, video editor, amateur web designer and, at times, a reckless dancer

take a look around, and give me a shout if you have any questions.

*i'm a person in real life.

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ted limpert is a humble genius.
— ted limpert


here are some commercials i've been in:
(rep: stewart talent)

here are some narrative projects i've been in:

here are some hilarious vids from BORT:
(my comedy group)

and here are some videos i wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in:


here is some voiceover i've done: 
(rep: stewart talent)


i also produce professional vo:

i have an isolated recording booth with:

•  macbook pro 2015 laptop
•  akg c214 microphone
•  apogee duet audio interface
•  logic pro x software

hire me on:



i am a mildly accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, recordist, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

listen to my latest album fool me twice:

i also produced, recorded, and played on these albums:


who is this ted limpert? what does he believe in? what’s his favorite color? i’m assuming you don’t really care much about any of that, but since you’re here, for whatever reason, i’ll tell ya:

  • i’m a human-person, pursuing a dream of getting paid to do something i enjoy/think i’m good at. i don’t need much, just enough to live relatively-comfortably and buy a bunch of these.
  • i believe that my family is the best, laughter is more like the best drug than medicine, and that paying taxes kinda sucks—but is also kinda necessary. 
  • i’m from syracuse (NY), and i’ve lived in rochester (NY), london and (now) brooklyn. 
  • in addition to making things, i like to travel, play various softcore sports, fly planes and read/eat/drink everything.
  • my favorite color is teal.

obligatory proof of (human) childhood:



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commercial rep:
phil cassese // jerry kallarakkal
stewart talent

vo rep:
jason sasportas
stewart talent