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hi! i'm ted, a brooklyn-based omni-hyphenate.
i specialize in comedy, improvisation and interactive narratives.

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the chops of Bradley Cooper, the timing of Galifianakis, and the looks of a muppet-version of their lovechild.
— ted limpert



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when i'm not fooling on big networks, i make my own sh*t:

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i wrote this...


a bizarre and interactive, post-procedural epoch about a wide-eyed sociopath.

CHOOSE YOUR OWN MCGURSKEY is chock full of public humiliation, hallucinations, dead pets and Kung Fu Jesus.

made in NY with my extremely talented comedy team, BORT COMEDY


feeling abandoned by his sister, a stubborn young man drowns in distorted childhood memories while simultaneously trying to reconnect.

MY SISTER MOSY (coming soon) is a short film about family, memory and madness. Minimal dialogue and surreal imagery/sound reflect the mental imbalance of the main character.

made with the ever-brilliant mr. FILIPE BESSA.



with 10+ years of professional writing and copy-editing experience, i make several bajillions of dollars from my glorious words.

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the man, the myth, the voice.

my voice is the most famous part of my body!


in addition to voicing these spots, i also produced them!

i have an isolated recording booth with:

•  macbook pro 2015 laptop
•  akg c214 microphone
•  apogee duet audio interface
•  logic pro x software

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sound town, population: me.

i'm rarely ashamed to be caught diddling my fiddle.

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